Tree pruning is one of the most in-demand tree services. It does not only make your landscaping nice, but it also makes your trees healthy. If you are planning to buy tools for pruning this is the right article for you. Why do we need to invest in tools? Pruning does not use simple scissors; tools for pruning have specific features and purposes. Thus, if you want your work done right, use the right tools.   

Pruners, this is the general term used to describe the tools that are used for pruning. Pruners are used to cut, trim and shape trees and plants. These are not typical garden tools you use for small branches, foliages, and perennials. When you buy pruners, you should consider different things. This includes the size of your hands, strength of your grip, and the pruning work you need to do. So do not rush, choose wisely.   

Before we give you the best-rated pruners used by tree service companies, let us know the different types of pruning shears and its functions. The two basic types of pruning shears are the bypass pruners and the anvil pruners.   

The most popular type is the Bypass pruners. This is like a pair of scissors, where two curved blades that most past each other give you a clean cut that is why it is a bypass. The first blade is sharp and the second is thick and unsharpened. The sharp one cuts and the other polishes the cut. On the other hand, anvil pruners are like knives used in chopping boards. It has only one straight blade. That blade cuts as it closes to an anvil or flat edge. This is a bulky type pruner. This is best in pruning deadwood or removing dying parts because of its very sharp edges.   

Here are the best pruning shears you must have!  

On top of the list is the Corona BP 6250 MAXForged Aluminum Bypass Hand Pruner. This has been an all-time favorite. When you have several trees to take care of, this is the first must-have! This pruner has a self-cleaning sap groove, so you do continuous cutting without being bothered to stop to clean. Its High-Carbon Steel Blade is so easy to replace and it can cut up to 1 diameter branch. This has a shock-absorbing bumper and narrow-profile hooks so cutting, especially in tight spaces is easy, comfortable, and pain-free.   

Next in line is the Felco F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner. This is the most trusted brand of professional landscapers especially those who work in nurseries. Two of its unique features are the customized blade feature and rubber cushioning feature. This feature saves your wrist and grip even if you work long hours. This is one of the most reliable pruners because its sturdy handles that are made of forged aluminum comes with a lifetime guarantee, it has a hardened steel riveted anvil blade that allows you to make precise cuts and all parts of this pruner are replaceable. It has a hand protection feature like a cushion shock absorber and non-slip coating.