Concrete is foldable, pleasing to the eyes, and very good material to express what a designer wants. Today, many homeowners have opted for the earthy and classic appeal of countertops made of concrete instead of the usually manufactured appearance. More than this cause, homeowners have also opened their eyes to the various advantages concrete offers. You can even customize how concrete comes out. You have the liberty to add your touch to it, like putting in some stones, shells and other materials that may bring it a bit of color or attitude.   

I am not only talking about the countertops in your kitchen. When it comes to making your bathroom your own, concrete countertops also own the top place on making your bathroom shine. If you have a white bathroom, you can have your concert countertop pigmented to grieve it a pop of color. Or put a hint of artsy brown to give it a classic yet earthy and natural look. Concrete also has a unique texture. This texture helps in making the pigment you apply to it be more vivid looking. However, if you like its gray ton because you are going for something rustic or classic, you can definitely o so.   

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